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How is your game?Monday, October 9th...Swing for Sight Golf Outing at the wonderful Little Turtle Golf Club in Westerville. 

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Richard G. Lembach, M.D., Eye Banking Education, Research
& Development Fund

Donor eyes help glaucoma patients. The Lions Eye Bank has added to the many ways in which donated eyes can help improve the lives of others. We are now preparing a new type of graft that promotes healing after glaucoma filtering surgeries. These grafts provide a medically preferable approach to “patching” the area from which excess fluid is surgically drained.

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Help us achieve our vision:

The Eye Bank relies on community support to help us fund our vision restoration initiatives. Contact us to learn how you can help give the Gift of Sight today.

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The Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and is eligible to receive charitable contributions.  For questions regarding charitable gift deductions, please check with your tax adviser.

Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank
262 Neil Avenue, Suite 140
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614/545-2057 phone
614/545-2067 fax

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Our Mission:

To restore, improve, and preserve vision by connecting eye donors and transplant recipients, educating physicians, and enhancing eye research through quality eye banking services. 

Our Vision:

To open greater opportunities for sight restoration 

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The Eye Center of Columbus

Eye Bank 990

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Maryland License

EBAA Accreditation

BMV Donor Registry

Lion's Club International

Eye Banks Association of America

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