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Richard G. Lembach, M.D., Eye Banking Education, Research
& Development Fund

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Donor eyes help glaucoma patients. The Lions Eye Bank has added to the many ways in which donated eyes can help improve the lives of others. We are now preparing a new type of graft that promotes healing after glaucoma filtering surgeries. These grafts provide a medically preferable approach to “patching” the area from which excess fluid is surgically drained.


Lions Support

The Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank has a proud history of support by the Lions Clubs of central and southeastern Ohio. The Eye Bank is a special District Project of Ohio Lions Multiple Districts 13F, J, and K. Lions from these Districts have provided a community foundation for the Eye Bank since the organization's inception. Additionally, Lions from parts of Districts 13B, G, and E participate in the Eye Bank through volunteer activities and financial contributions.

Need a Lion's Club speaker?

Contact PDG Lion John Dilley at 614-578-4251 or the Eye Bank at 614-545-2057 to schedule a program for your Club! See the film of Lion Shirley Jacobs talking about her experience as a corneal transplant recipient.

Lions Contributions

Lions Clubs throughout the Eye Bank's service area make annual donations to help the organization achieve its mission. Each year at the District conventions, the Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank presents Eye Opener Awards to those Clubs that donated $10 or more per member during that year, and to Clubs that have increased their annual donation by 50% or more. Lions contributions make it possible for the Eye Bank to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, to perform special projects, and to honor eye donors and their families. The Lions Board commissioned the Gift of Sight Eye Donor Memorial, a stainless steel sculpture that commemorates eye donors. The Gift of Sight Memorial hangs in the lobby of The Eye Center of Columbus, where the Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank is located. And, thanks to the Lions, the Eye Bank is among the first in the nation to offer the latest in technological advancements.

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